View these videos from NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) - a spacecraft launched to make fundamental measurements of cosmology. Read the text below and view the videos below from the site at

Journey to the Big Bang

Take a trip through space and time to put "earliest light" in perspective.

Pulling back from the WMAP spacecraft, we see that we are but a tiny speck in our Milky Way Galaxy. As the journey continues, we see that the Milky Way is but a tiny speck in the Universe as we pass quasars - some of the early brightest structures that we can detect with conventional instruments. Finally we arrive at the beginning of time as we understand it. The super heated, roiling ionized hydrogen gas of a Universe newly made glows throughout the Universe. The energy from sonically condensed and rarified ripples in this gas, released as it cooled to 3000° kelvin, is the basis for the data collected by WMAP.

Credit: NASA / WMAP Science Team Duration: 65.0 seconds
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