Pole & Zenith

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The pole is a point 90° from the Equator. North of the Equator is the North Pole, south of the Equator is the South Pole.

The pole is a point on the surface of the Earth at the axis of rotation, and both poles are located at 90° from the Equator.

The South Pole (90°S) is on a continental shelf (Antartica) and a United States Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is located there. The North Pole (90°N) is in the Artic Ocean which is frozen for most months of the year.



The Zenith is a point directly above the observer's head.

The opposite of Zenith is the Nadir, the point directly below the observers feet.


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Did you know?

The coldest place on Earth was recorded in Antartica at -89 degrees. The hottest recorded place on Earth was 58 degrees in Libya in 1922.

Did you also know?

There is less rain in Antarctica than in the Sahara Desert.