The Big Bang - A very brief timeline

Rollover the times after the Big Bang to see a short description

  • 10-43seconds

    Singularity event creates the Universe. Temperature is 1032.
  • 10-35 seconds

    Inflation occurs creating space and filling with energy.
  • 10-6 seconds

    Expansion slows and Universe cools, basic forces of gravity, electromegnestism, weak & strong gravity formed, neutrinos, electrons, photons and quarks formed.
  • 3 seconds

    Nuclei of elements hydrogen and helium start to form.
  • 3 minutes

    Nucleosynthesis produces building blocks for other elements.
  • 10,000 years

    Most energy is in the form of radiation.
  • 300,000 years

    Matter and energy equalise. Atoms form.
  • 300 million years

    First stars and galaxies form.
  • 8.7 billion years

    The Sun is born from a nebula in the Milky Way galaxy.
  • 9.2 Billion Years

    Earth is formed.
  • 13.7 million years