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What page am I on now?

You are on the HELP page.You will see a list of 'breadcrumbs' at the top of the page telling you the section you are in.

How do I find the page I want?
  • Use the main navigation above or on the left
  • Use the Search bar located at the top
  • Use the Site Map or Specification pages
Why do external links open in a new window?

We would like you to experience these sites. User tests have showed us that people want to visit another site in addition and at the same time as visiting this one. More information on external links is in our Terms and Conditions page.

Can I use the images or pages on this site?

It depends on how you are using this resource and how you would use the images. Check our Terms and Conditions page for further guidance. All images on this site are either or copyright, in the public domain or used in compliance with the image authors permission.

I really like/dislike this site. I've spotted an error/typo, I want to tell you about it.

Please do. We want this to be an excellent educational resource, we really value your guidance and opinions. Email us here.

I have an IPhone / ITouch / IPad and want to view the animations

The site is usuable on all platforms but unfortunately Apple iOS does not support Flash which means the animations will not appear. An alternative version of the interactive mindmaps is available. A compatible version of the Drag and Drop features will soon appear on the site.

Using the Features on the Website

How do I use the Animation features?
  • Use the navigation to move forwards and backwards
  • Check you have the latest Flash plug-in installed
How do I use the Video features?
  • Use the Panel to move forwards and backwards
  • Check you have the latest Flash plug-in installed
How do I use the Calculator and Convertor?

This lets you;

  • Calculate sums - Use the calculator exactly as you would a handheld calculator
  • Calculate Squares, Square Roots, Cubes and Cube Roots
  • Convert Distance Units
  • Convert Temperature Units
  • Convert Weight Units
How do I use the Drag and Drops?
  • Drag the items on the right to the items on the left
  • Some browsers require you to refresh the page (F5) to display images correctly.
How do I use the Quiz features?
  • Choose an answer by clicking on the qbutton.
  • You will be told if it is correct, by displaying a qsymbol, or incorrect by displaying a q symbol .
  • You will see the percentage % of how many you have got right.
  • Click the NEXT button to see the next question or you can press the "Show all questions" button to see all of them.
How do I use the Mindmaps?
  • Use the controls or scroll function on your mouse to move around and zoom in/out.
  • Click nodes to show and hide levels.
  • A plain version is available for those with limited fucntionality


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