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Observing in the Classroom


Online Astronomy Dictionaries


Free Software


  • Philip's Planisphere: Northern 51.5 Degrees
  • Norton's Star Atlas and Reference Handbook
  • Philip's Stargazing with a Telescope
  • Philip's Moon Map


Here are some good apps for Android Android and IOS Apple devices.

Planetarium Apps

  • Google Sky Map - Free Android
  • Planets - Free IOS
  • Star Chart - Paid Android
  • Star Walk - Paid IOS
  • Pocket Universe - Paid IOS


Other Apps

  • Moon Atlas - Paid IOS Android
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day - Free IOS Android
  • Heavens Above - Free Android
  • MoonShine Free - Free Android



Sky at Night Magazine
Astronomy Now


Patrick MooreThe Sky at Night
BBC1 First Sunday of the Month. Repeated on BBC2 & BBC4 during the following week. Find it on BBC iPlayer and The Sky at Night website